Well the construction is now up and away with the house starting to take shape. The next invoice you receive from your builder will be for the Frame stage.

The progress is more visible from here on, and thing get even more exciting as you now see an outline of your house developing. If you are going to visit the build site as construction continues, it’s best to make sure you contact your building supervisor first, to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone on site.

This is a great time to chat with your building supervisor about any questions you have on the construction process, and understanding the various steps ahead. The tradies are coming and going at a rapid rate now, with the gutters & fascia, preparation for the roof and the first steps of enclosing the walls all now taking place. Not long after this, the electricians and plumbers will be back on site working on their connections throughout the house.

If at any stage you are unsure, or have any concerns that something doesn’t quite look right, it’s best to contact your building supervisor first, and review the building specifications/inclusions list for clarity on the colours chosen. It’s also a good time to check (or have the builders check) that the electrical plan is being followed, with the correct number & location for power points to be installed.

For our next video update, we will have a roof on, and the house will be starting to look a little more like a home. Look out for my next clip which will show the house wrapped… what does “wrapped” mean? You’ll have to watch to find out!

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Contributor: Nikki Ireland – Lending Analyst, Jacques Financial Group

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