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Qualify, close and manage customer finances easier than ever.

Get more sales by reducing the barriers and administration customer financing can create. The revolutionary Jacques Financial Group “Racehome” System provides one place where customers can self-service and automatically update your representatives through the financing process all in one place online.

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Qualify, Manage and Close Sales Quickly and Easily With One Ingenious Multitasking Online Financial Centre.

No more spending time on clients who can’t afford a loan

No more waiting days for indicative approvals, dealing with cranky clients

No more missing out on deals because the competition was quicker

The Racehome centre allows you to:

  • Qualify Clients In 60 Seconds! Instantly check if customers qualify for a home loan (and what amount they can borrow)
  • Manage progress easily and effectively with regular updates sent to you and your customer via our online financial centre
  • Get Indicative Approval from our team of experienced financial experts within 2 hours, allowing you to close the deal swiftly

Step 1 – Qualify in 60 Seconds

Easily identify genuine prospects with the JFG 60 Second Instant Qualifier. No more waiting around, relying on different layers of financial data from multiple sources, just ask a few simple questions and get a thumbs up or down in 60 seconds. It’s that easy.

Step 2 – Close the Sale

After you’ve pre-qualified your customer in 60 seconds, create a Racehome account with them and add the additional details required (documents, details and info) and click send. Once you’ve completed this step you will have indicative home-loan approval from our experienced team within 2 hours.

No more waiting around, having to let the deal go cold – qualify, get indicative approval, close.

If you have any questions, simply click on “Chat me” for help or just wait for the instant updates and notifications when a qualified lead’s finance progresses.

Managing the sales process just got a whole lot easier with Racehome!

  • The Racehome centre gives you ultimate control and instant updates for financing new homes and provides updates via secure login
  • Be in control and informed; easily view and manage customer applications throughout the process
  • Racehome gives you one view of your client’s finance progress in one easy to check on online system – find out what you need to know, wherever you are, whenever you want
  • Follow your customer’s progress online instantly, stop wondering where a customer’s finance application is up to, just login and get instant answers
  • Our application portal easily coordinates amendments to the loan amounts in one place online with premium support from our local team

Step 3 – Manage

Once the deal is done our system keeps things on track.  The Jacques Financial Group Racehome system allows your team and customers to easily coordinate changes to financing and variations all in the same online system.  Your staff and customers no longer have to manually check and followup these processes.

The system provides instant updates to your team and the customer keeping things on track and removing the complications of existing financing processes.

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Beat the Competition

  • Racehome gives you a competitive advantage by processing loan pre-approvals and applications faster and with more visibility
  • We process finance assessments within 2 hours, no waiting around and losing a sale
  • Racehome’s 60 Second Qualifier and approval system will let you close sales faster and boost your sales performance

Why You Should Choose JFG

The unique Racehome centre is the only online financial management system that allows the home purchasing financial process to be managed entirely in one spot, online. It allows all the information to be viewed by the people involved to track the progress of a home purchase. The 60-second test also provides a unique advantage by allowing the customer to complete the test and the builder/agent to know if they are qualified to buy what they want to immediately.

The JFG 60 Second Qualifier and Racehome centre was created by Jacques Financial Group, a full-service financial services company that offers products and solutions for home loans, personal and business lending, vehicle and asset finance, insurance and property investment. Our experienced team has over 100 years combined industry experience, with an established network of finance experts, mortgage brokers and business managers backed with the latest in technology and innovation which is transforming the lending space.