As the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis begins to take hold of Australia, there are more stories everyday of business closing down and employees having their hours cut.

While the new has been more encouraging over the last 48-72 hours in regards to the spread of the virus, experts still believe we have a long way to go before we can return to life as we know it.

We have previously shared some of the initiatives and packages being offered by the banks and lenders in response to the pandemic, which provides a short-term solution for those who have found their incomes and livelihoods affected by the onset of the virus. But if you find yourself looking for an employment opportunity, it may seem like an impossible task in the current climate.

At the time of posting, the below wide-spread options have thousands of employment opportunities for Australians of all backgrounds and experience levels. Estimates of hourly income have also been provided:

Coles $22 per hour (average)

Hiring 5000 Casual staff across Australia: Click here

Woolworths $21.32 per hour (average)

Hiring 20,000 staff across the country: Click here

Aldi $24.30 – $33.29 per hour

Positions ranging from Warehousing/Logistics to Retail Assistants: Click here

Domino’s Pizza $26.76 per hour (Casual)

Hiring 2000 delivery drivers across Australia: Click here


Call Centre & Support Workers: Click here


Hiring 1500 people across Australia: Click here


Call Centre & Support Workers: Click here

Centrelink $36 per hour

Call Centre & Support Workers: Click here

ANZ Bank $21.84 – $35.60 per hour ($26.96 average)

Call Centre & Service Workers: Click here

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Contributor: Alex Jacques – Director, Jacques Financial Group

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